About Us

We are a strategy, experience & technology powered Digital Transformation company.

We are brand new company without outdated technology legacy. We always look beyond our past glories and credentials.

We are young team with high HQ (hunger quotient) & RQ (restless quotient).  We are dedicated to serious value creation for our Clients.

We ‘stand out’ for ‘premium quality’ strategies & solutions using trending digital technologies that transform enterprises ‘Digitally’.

We assure you guaranteed delivery of Digital Transformation goals irrespective of nature of your business challenge or size of your business.

We are Aaruni!


  • Philosophy

    Everything we do, we believe that the growth is result of strength and struggle is result of weakness. The way we deliver growth is by helping identify opportunities, organize resources and play strengths. We happen to transform businesses by delivering proven strategies, simple user experiences and innovative digital platforms.

  • Mission

    Be your strength so your business grows and you win.

  • Core Values

    1. Always uphold our roots and dharma
    2. Trust karma for growth and prosperity
    3. Integrity of thoughts, words & action
    4. Value conscious performance
    5. Equal opportunities that uphold dignity and respect
    6. Team work through trust and communication
    7. Security and safety for work-life balance
    8. Planet friendly practices to leave behind responsible legacy
    9. Respect for local culture, language and beliefs
    10. Encourage status quo challenger and truth seeker

Team Aaruni

We are unique blend of strategy consultants, product managers, software architects, hands on technologists & sales professionals. Each of us have average 20 years of experience in business & management consulting, product management, sales & marketing & technology implementation.

We have come to realization that well established ‘Culture’ of collaboration and ‘Process’ matured operation are critical foundation for successful adoption of technologies that leads to rare feat of ROI realization. Our unique approach to ‘Digital Transformation’ have helped our clients quickly gain financial growth and competitive edge and also disrupt markets.

We have been creatively applying latest trending digital technologies such as mobility, Cloud, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, Industry 4.0, RPA ( Robotic Process Automation) to solve critical business challenges.

We have served various multi-national companies such as Verizon, Honeywell, BearingPoint, Net-Kraft (now Valtech), Wipro, HP, AXA, IMS Health in various roles. During this journey, we successfully setup and operated niche solutions businesses. We emphasize on true business value, high quality, timely service delivery to stand out in a market that is price sensitive, busy in time and resource trading.

Why Us

We have delivered the complex business transformations using our unique “Local-for-Local” approach. We offer our multi-functional teams comprised of subject matter experts to provide our clients with the market research, digital insights, and experienced advice they need, when they need it.

We offer end-to-end “Business Transformation”.

  • We bring to you deeper understanding of value proposition, target market & business model that help us go extra mile to serve our clients better.

  • We deliver the change that transform business model and operating model to unlock value for shareholders, customers, employees, and the entire community.

  • We offer extended vision and hands-on consultation to help leaders so they are aligned, prepared, capable, and motivated to drive major change for their organization.

  • We value Customer Experience and Quality as very high priority focus so that your business is safeguarded from high cost of defect.

  • We follow consultative solution approach that guarantee true value delivery saving you global sourcing models that offer nothing more than time & labor arbitrage.

  • We are powered by culture of collaboration, explicitly defined processes & technology tools that enables us to work effectively with our clients and network of alliances to maximize value.

Are You looking adopt a Digital Technologies for your business?

Whatever your needs, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.